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About Us

Ben Borden is a visionary with over 30 years of real-world experience in the financial industry as a retirement advisor and mortgage loan officer. With a strict focus on retirement income and strategies, he is committed to increasing retirees' income, assets, and overall economic well-being throughout their remaining years.

Ben Borden and his Team

Over the years, we've found a glaring issue that most financial advisors have failed to address: complacency and ignorance. Most, if not all, advisors are content with becoming mere "asset gatherers" and "fee collectors," giving no meaningful, life-changing retirement advice.

What's even more surprising is the lack of awareness most mortgage loan officers have regarding reverse mortgages within retirement plans or how they even work.

Advisors are intent on serving only traditional, outdated products and strategies. By ignoring newer strategic alternatives that are off their fee schedule or commission plan, the ones who suffer are the retirees who may have saved tens to hundreds of thousands of retirement assets and income.

Our goal is to help you maximize your retirement assets to the fullest while leaving a meaningful legacy your heirs can enjoy for generations upon generations. We're continuously optimizing our strategies to minimize taxes and protect you from inflation and market volatility.

We cast a safety net for you and your loved ones, guarding against any unforeseen events that may come in the future. Ultimately it's not just about a Reverse mortgage, after all it is just a mortgage. What is most important is what a reverse mortgage can do for you and how it correlates within your overall financial plan.

Who is NEXA?

NEXA Mortgage is the largest mortgage broker in the United States – with over 1,300 loan officers across the country. Leading the industry in providing outstanding service, NEXA has over 200 wholesale lender and investor relationships and thousands of loan programs that allow us to offer the best mortgage products at unprecedented rates with unparalleled service.